"The knowledgeable and friendly staff, coupled with the impressive range of equipment and facilities, has me in the best shape of my life!"


" Facilities are great and very affordable. Great variety in equipment and an all-round excellence local gym. Staff are also very attentive and approachable. Highly recommend the Exercise Room to anybody in the local area. "


" I would say hands down The Exercise Room is the best gym I've been to "


"I've been a member of many gyms over the years and the Exercise Room has been the best! Great vibe, Jared (manager) is a top bloke, always friendly and helpful. "


The staff, the clientele are all nice, normal and approachable.

Always clean and tidy – I love the provision of the wet wipes – makes it so much easier for people to clean up and I think people do it more than they ever would when you have to use the spray bottle thingy.

It’s the first gym I’ve ever been to where the staff have known me by my first name; I was always reticent to get to know anyone; more interested in getting my workout in and getting out of there, but you guys have changed my perception of things.

Equipment is awesome, clean, it works, there’s variety.I am pretty upset to be leaving to be honest. It’s been my favourite gym to workout in!! "


" Love this gym heaps! Everything about the exercise room is perfect."


"I have found your gym to be the most efficient, focussed, calm  gym I have ever been involved in.

Thanks for your service, advice and friendliness."


" Great equipment, excellent trainers and relaxed non pretentious atmosphere :) "


"Extremely welcoming environment and the one on one session really helped me take my work out to the next level!"


" - incredibly cheap and I don't even notice the money coming out of my account, it serves me with almost everything I need to train with, without usually having to wait for equipment.

I have worked and trained in a huge variety of gyms,  however not many 24 hours gyms. From what I can see it is very well run and there are a lot of measures in place to ensure its a safe environment. The staff are always very lovely and welcoming without over doing it, and I also love that the gym is always clean! "


" I had my program written up by Karen in my first week and have been following it and am seeing results already. Karen's terrific and I am very grateful to her for the opportunity to have been offered a PT session by such an experienced trainer - it is invaluable. 

Karen, Rhys and Will have all been very welcoming, supportive and friendly and I truly appreciate their knowledge and expertise.  

You have all given me the confidence and encouragement that I need to achieve my fitness goals, for which I am very grateful, especially as I am older than the average gym member and haven't previously spent a lot of time working out. 

Thanks again from one happy customer :) "



"joining your gym has been the best thing that I could have ever done! Thanks to all the staff for being this nice, competent and supportive."


"Best gym I've used and staff are all excellent!"


"You guys charge less, have a better free weights area and are staffed for longer hours with more helpful staff. I'd definitely rejoin if I move back into the area. Thanks for all the help."

- Justin

The price is great, and I love the fact the gym is 24 hour access and little fees outside fortnightly payment.

I also love that the music is not too loud, and it is pretty much always possible to get a piece of cardio equipment!

Well done on setting up and running such a fantastic gym.  It is the best I have been a member of in Melbourne.

Thank you!"


"I've been very happy with my experience at the Exercise Room. All trainers have been very friendly and supportive. Gyms can sometimes be an intimidating place - I felt very comfortable at the Exercise Room!"


"Great facility always clean and not smelly. Great clientele - not pretentious. You have a great business there and  I have recommended you many times all the trainers have been professional and friendly! High fives all round ;)"


"an unthreatening space, nice diversity in age and gender of people there. Had a great once-off personal training session with Karen that helped a lot with my own training. "


"Awesome staff, everyone very friendly,  also the only gym I've been too that everyone actually puts away weights and wipes down the machines."


" This is by far the best gym I have worked out in the last 3 -4 years. Everything about this place was GREAT! "


"Without a doubt you guys had the best service, there was all the equipment that I needed both upstairs and downstairs and also the parking service on the front and at the back was the best which is kinda hard to get in other gyms. Good environment and friendly staff around. It was the best."


" I've been a member at several gyms before and this has to be the best in all fields; cost, equipment, staff and open hours. I have thourghly enjoyed my time here and have recommended it to friends. "


 "The weekly price is phenomenal. Jared (Club Manager) has an outstanding sense of customer service and brings a personal aspect that is rare to find, particularly in a gym.
Also, good equipment in a really clean space, and have never had any problems waiting for machines even in busier times."


"Exercise Room is a great training facility - it competes and beats all the national franchises around this area on its own! "


“It’s just so lovely to be met with a cheerful greeting and your friendliness really has made such a positive difference to my experience of the gym, which would otherwise have felt like nothing more than an ‘exercise room’. “


"I have been a member of 5 gyms over the past 20 years and I can honestly say, the exercise room was the best. Value for money, 24 hour access and very friendly staff. You tick all the boxes."


"Very happy with my progress so far, lost 16 kilos since I've joined Exercise Room. Feeling healthier and looking slimmer, the only down side is I have to buy all new clothes since my old clothes are hanging off my body now!"