Common Questions.

Exercise Room is fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment to suit your needs. Train anytime of the day or night in a safe & secure environment. Brand new clean and hygienic facilities. On Site parking and plenty of available street parking. 

Will there be enough equipment for me?

We stock the best equipment brand in the world, Life fitness and Hammer Strength...and Lot’s of it.

We have;

  • 24 Pieces of cardio Equipment,
  • a Full Free Weights area,
  • machines weights (pin loaded, plate loaded and cable machines available).

Is there any cost associated with cancelling my week to week membership?

No, there is no cost at all to cancel your week-to-week, pay-as-you-go membership.

Does the Exercise Room provide inductions or programs as part of the membership?


ALL members must have an induction prior to commencing membership.

If you need professional advice to get you started or would like a program written, one of our friendly gym staff members can provide this to you at NO additional cost.

Our focus is ALWAYS about you, the customer, and YOUR needs.

Is the gym staffed 24 hrs a day?

The gym is staffed throughout general business hours and peak times in the morning and evening.

ALL members will have an induction and tour of the premises prior to joining where they can familiarise themselves and ask questions about the equipment.

I am concerned that there will be no staff when I am training. Is it safe?

Your safety is our priority.

The gym is equipped with first class security.

Every aspect of the gym is monitored live via CCTV footage, we have panic buttons in the gym and also a direct line to emergency medical services and police.

The gym is well lit, safe and secure.

Can I bring a friend with me?

If you would like to bring a friend with you, please contact 0418 344 810 to arrange to bring your friend in at a time when the gym is staffed so that your friend can receive their own security access card for a FREE TRIAL.

Persons bringing in unauthorised personal to the gym will be caught on camera and fined $150.00 dollars and have their membership refused effective immediate.

Again your security and safety is paramount.

How do I access the gym?

All members have their own individual personal security swipe card or Fob.

This is your personal security access.

As you enter, your information is logged into our system so we know you are in the gym and on the way out you swipe your card to let us know you have left the building. Again, this gives you 24hr access in a safe and secure environment.